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I'm sorry for the delay with Enceladus. I've been busy updating things to work with the UUID system. Time is the enemy and I need to stay ahead. Anyway Enceladus is near done!
Charon is now live again, please report any bugs.
For the month of April I will be giving out rupee prizes to the top 3 players in each game listed on the Auryn Minigame Stats page under the stats menu. Multiple wins per player is allowed. Prizes will be announced later.
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You and many others are in an intergalactic spaceship travelling the Fantasia universe, when all of a sudden a mega solar flare fries the electrical components on the spaceship causing it to go out of control! The experienced pilots manage to maneuver the spaceship to the nearest planet for an attempt to land. When breaking through the atmosphere they find themselves fighting for visibility in an intense blizzard. As hard as they try for a safe landing, the blizzard and unfamiliar terrain proved to be too much. The pilots were able to bring the spaceship to a complete stop... into the base of a mountain! Fortunately many of you survive, unfortunately you are all stuck on a harsh planet with an unforgiving environment. Here you will have to choose how to survive, solo or with others, in hopes that rescue will come or will you try to start a civilization?

Cheesy story aside (wrote it at 2am), I would like to introduce a brand new Citizen+ world, Enceladus, a hardcore survival world with a chilly twist! This world is set in sub zero climate and is covered in thick layers of snow and ice. This world offers a whole different twist on the average survival world concept, that is all I'm going to say  so I don't spoil too much. Now for the rules... there are no rules! Killing, stealing, griefing, raiding is allowed! It wouldn't be hardcore without those things right? Please no whining about this in any way, this world is optional and there for those that enjoy this sort of gameplay. Enceladus is not released yet but will be very soon, we are finishing up the last few details.

Some of you may be wondering why this and not Pandora? Well Pandora is much more complex than Enceladus and I decided to put development on hold while I sort out this UUID thing and soon 1.8. It's not an easy task to convert ancient player data to a new system. Most things with Pandora are done though, coding, dungeon conversion, most building. I just don't want to release Pandora and then have to close it for a bit cause of version conflicts or even worse have to wipe all Pandora player data. So just know things are getting done, blame Mojang for their frequent, unnecessary, garbage updates. I hope you guys understand and enjoy this new world with a fresh experience! More details can be found on the World Details page under the Server Information menu.

A big thanks to Preteus for finding and suggesting the neat plugin that made Enceladus possible!
If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below. 

chm2395 Mod Can I bring my blankie?
capncrunch2004 VIP1 i cant wait to explore this world i mean this moon is Saturn's moon but...... i cant wait!
MangoWilliam Mod Oh poor fancy...He doesn't even know that I have already made my move on the new world...Prepare yourselves survivors of ...

A Very Important Message

Bladen Owner posted Mon at 3:25
As many of you know Mojang is planning on allowing players to change their names in the near future. This may sound like an awesome thing but for server owners it is a nightmare. Everything that is stored such as your stats, protections, permissions, etc are all locked to your usernames. This means when you join the server with a new name the server will think your a new player. In the future plugin developers will eventually update their plugins to use your UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) instead of your usernames but that will take ages. So to prevent further delays when it comes to updating I am going to work on a method of collecting all your UUIDs early and locking your usernames to them. This means when Mojang does release this system you MUST use your current username or you will be prevented from joining the server. Even when plugins update I think I'm still going to keep names locked to UUIDs to prevent confusion. Anyway that will be a discussion for another day and when this nightmare is behind us. I hope you all understand and can be patient through this. Thanks!

I forgot to mention this. If you haven't already you need to migrate your Minecraft account over to a Mojang account. According to Mojang this will secure your current username to your UUID for release. I highly recommend doing this ASAP so you don't get locked out of Fantasia. I will not be spending time on converting your server side data over to your new name because you forgot to secure your name, I'm sorry but this is just WAY too time consuming. 

Please take the time and do this very simple step: 

loganvolz VIP6 I already Migrated my account. Also you don't have to worry about me changing the username... ...
BigDaddy0120 Submod Just glad i don't have to migrate though, when i bought the game i signed up as a Mojang account
topazcat VIP6 I'm a bit like BigDaddy, not much into changing anything, all I might do, if anything, is just put a capital T in front ...
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