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Corrected an oversight on Charon, only private warps are allowed. I have converted all public warps made to private already.
I would like to thank all of you for educating yourselves about the EULA and the points system. I still need to put a lot of work into the system so it will be ready when/if Mojang attacks us.
Till then I am going to revert back to the old system to prevent confusion and potentially harming the server. Thanks for understanding.
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The EULA & Us

Bladen Owner posted Jun 23, 14
Minecraft EULA

Time to revisit this scary subject. The new EULA goes into effect August 1st and could be the end of many servers, hopefully that won't include Fantasia. For those of you that haven't been following this subject closely, basically the way our current donation system works violates the new EULA. Mojang doesn't want server owners to sell in-game perks for real world currency, but they do allow selling cosmetic things only. They believe that since you paid for the game you should have full access to the game at all times. They also want to keep things fair by preventing players from purchasing modified items with real world currency. This was mainly brought to life because of those corrupt servers that sell ranks, kits, whatever for 100s even 1000s of dollars. Then in return Mojang was being blamed for scamming the people that actually paid for those ridiculous packages. So Mojang decided they had to do something about this once and for all and chose the easy route and chose to hurt the entire community instead of going after the bad eggs.

Our current donation system may violate the EULA in someways but it's nothing remotely close to the corrupted bunch. When I made the VIP packages I tried my best to keep things very fair and well worth the money. I can guarantee you can't find another server that offers anything close to what my packages offer for the price. I kept the prices very cheap to ensure the survival of the server over profits. I think at almost 4 years of being online you can see that is the honest truth. All other packages are priced either to keep the system fair, such as the economy so people can't easily get so many rupees and destroy the economy yet cheap enough to keep you going if you didn't feel like wasting time, to the faction ownership package that comes with many benefits and mainly financially supports the Pandora project. Everything is priced the way it is for a very good reason and not to scam.

I felt I had to say all that before I explained the new system so it doesn't seem like I am being one of those corrupt servers. Pretty soon I will be converting the Donation Shop to use Fantasia Points instead of real world currency. What this means is that you will be able to use these Fantasia Points, that are completely separate from the server itself to buy the existing packages. Now some of you must be wondering how do I earn these Fantasia Points? Well there are currently 3 methods, 2 of which are done free and over time. First method is from in-game, you can earn points by the amount of hours you played, which at this time is 2 points per hour. Another great way to earn points from in-game is from server events, there will be more server events if we survive this. 2nd method involves the site. Voting for the server will not only give you rupees in-game but also give you 1 point per vote and 5 extra points for successfully voting on all 10 sites. Points earned with hours cannot be stacked with site points. Also for a nice birthday gift from Fantasia you will receive 1000 points on your special day. Last method, you can donate for points packages. The only thing different here is you will be buying points that you can use to spend on the other packages right away instead of waiting. Fantasia Points have NO real world value and is pretty much a worthless virtual site currency mainly used for perks. If this all seems confusing, head on over to the donation page and things are explained in more detail there. Making so that these packages are obtained in other ways other than donating should make it acceptable within the EULA.

Now with the new Fantasia Points system aside I want to let you all know my plans for August 1st. I plan on participating in Operation Blackout. Basically I will be locking the server down for most of the day 10am-10pm to help spread awareness of how scary things can be if the EULA changes happen. Use this time to educate yourselves about this and help spread the word and let Mojang know that the EULA will surely kill many servers, the Minecraft community, and Fantasia.

Lastly, I need to ask all of you for a favor. To help prevent issues with Mojang enforcing the EULA on us directly PLEASE educate yourselves about the Fantasia Points system. The reason I ask this is because if someone wants to know how to get VIP, I don't want you guys to just say "donate" because that is not the only way. Players need to know of the system in its entirety. To make it easy on you guys just tell them to visit the donation link (changed to http://www.worldoffantasia.com/fantasiapoints/) or tell them to use the command /fantasiapoints.
I hope you all understand why I had to do all this. I am trying my best to ensure the survival of Fantasia and its amazing community. Let's hope that Operation Blackout or the Fantasia Points system keeps us alive. Otherwise Fantasia will meet an untimely death. Feel free to express your concerns

frank543 VIP6 I think i'll be like Logan and just stop with multiplayer altogether if this doesn't work out. I've made so many friends ...
rman579 Retired I expect nothing but positive change from this. Cheers to a new system!
frogboy678 VIP5 This cant ruin Fantasia. Honestly, i bet Bladen will find a way to work this out, Fantasia is the best server i could ev ...
I'm sure many of you have noticed the many additions and changes to the Fantasia network. I thought it would be a good idea to go over each thing in detail and clear up some misconceptions. I've noticed some of you have been saying that some of these changes were done because Mojang is pushing their recently modified EULA on the Minecraft community. This is false, these changes were planned way before all that. I have no plans in changing anything for the EULA till they are crystal clear of the guidelines and anything done now is because I feel it is good for the server/community. If in the future I am forced to change VIP perks cause of this EULA push I will figure out a way to keep things fair. I feel that it is unfair for you guys to suffer for something Mojang decided the change and push all of a sudden. So rest assured, I will take care of you guys as you took care of the server over these years. 

With that aside, now onto the overview of all the changes:
Guest+ has been changed to Visitor. The admins and I have noticed that the very subtle change in visual rank title from Guest to Guest+ confused many of the players. So to make it more noticeable, maybe even more exciting, the rank was renamed.

Our amazing droid C3PO15 has done some excellent work on refreshing the Hub and Oracle worlds. The goal here was to make it more beautiful than it was but also make things more fluent. Many of you have already seen hub and the amazing work the build team put into it, if you haven't I suggest you take a stroll around Hub and appreciate their work. Oracle is now far more friendly to our new players and helps answer many of the questions asked when they first join. Let's hope this helps educate our new players so they can have a better experience. 

The Charon/Enceladus worlds can now be accessed by Visitors and up. This was done to give the Visitor rank more meaning, along with helping these worlds thrive. The new Charon now has completely fresh land with all the biomes available in 1.7. The old Charon is still available for those that want to visit it. Enceladus has been completely refreshed and is now much bigger than before. I did change how players can heal now, added an auto sneak option, and added a global PVP stats system to both Enceladus and Charon. Details of these changes can be viewed on the World Details page under Server Information section on the menu bar above.

The Pandora world can now be accessed by Citizens and up. Some of you got upset over this change which confused me. You were failing to see the overall big picture and just being sort of greedy. This was done in an attempt to make sure Pandora will thrive when released. The system heavily depends on players and full factions. If it was kept the other way there would obviously be a lack of players around some time zones and many would just get bored of the world very quickly.

Arcadia has been completely redone and is now a Skyblock and Skygrid world available to the Explorers and up. The supernatural system was never intended to be a permanent system. It was more of an experiment of many gameplay elements to see how they would be used, problems that may arise. The data collected from this will be used to help me make decisions in the future. Anyway, I'm sure many of you know what Skyblock is but just in case, you basically start off with an island with a tree and chest with items. You have to figure out how to make something from nothing and upgrade your island. There are many challenges you can choose to complete to get even more items to help upgrade your island. Now on to Skygrid, I am not too familiar with all the mechanics of this world type but it looks pretty straight forward. Here you will start off at a random location in a world filled with blocks all around you. You have to use your parkour skills to jump around to find the blocks you want to build your home. This world comes with very few commands to keep it challenging and interesting. You can view all the details on both of these worlds at the Arcadia spawn after you press the button at /Arcadia.

Artifex can now be accessed by all ranks but those under VIP5 can only go there to fly around and view things. VIP5s can now show off their builds to everyone! This will also help some of the lower ranks decide if it is worth donating for Artifex.

We now have a Fantasia newsletter! This is not managed by myself but by a team of very dedicated Fantasians. The goal of this newsletter is to provide you guys with a quick overlook of server changes, events, and other juicy tidbits. At this time I was told they plan on releasing a new newsletter every 2 weeks. You can find the newsletter under Server Information section on the menu bar above.

Some of you may already be aware of this but Fantasia now has a help ticket system. This system can be used if you need help with something, such as reporting a grief, experienced a bug, etc. This is useful for when there are no staff online or they all happen to be busy. Staff are always notified when there are tickets in the system so your ticket won't get ignored. To learn how to use this ticket system just type /helpme on Fantasia. This system might be added to the other worlds in the future if necessary.

It's been a very long since last one but I would like to host an Auryn Tournament. Auryn has been refreshed a few months back and now has many more games since then. For those of you that weren't around for the last couple of tournaments, let me explain how this will work. Basically it is a ladder based tournament that consists of many games that will break down the overall number of participants. Those finishing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will receive a prize which will either be a steam game from my gift collection or something from the Donation Shop. Here is a detailed overview of the tournament:

  • 10 games of Survival Games
    • 10 winners from this game are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.
    • Out of those games the 10 players that finish in 2nd will battle it out for the remaining 5 spots in the tournament. Which will be decided with 5 games of Woolgame.
  • The 15 remaining players will  play TNT Tag till 9 winners.
  • The 9 remaining players will play Spleef till 6 winners.
  • The 6 remaining players will play Deathcube till 3 winners.
  • The remaining 3 players will now duke it out in FFA.
    • The first player to get 3 wins gets 1st place.
    • The remaining 2 will continue to fight till one of them gets 3 wins for 2nd place.
    • The last player remaining will get 3rd place.

The actual tournament date will be announced soon. Better get some practice in!

That pretty much sums up all the changes that have been done and all I wish to share in detail at this time. I do plan on implementing a world with a unique system for the Adventurer and Pioneer ranks so please be patient while I develop ideas. 1.8 is around the corner and should be bar its ugly head around the end of July or some time in August. I have been working hard over the last few months on getting many of our systems to work with UUIDs. At this time I have completed 90% of this work and still have plenty of time to get this done. This means once I update everything to 1.8 you all should be able to change your names freely and still have access to your old data.

I hope this clears up a lot of confusion that some of you may have been experience along with understanding my thinking and intent. I really do hope you all enjoy all these additions! Anyway I've rambled enough. Questions and comments welcome!

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