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To avoid issues/exploits with XP bottling I went with a very basic system. You can now store a minimum of 825xp (30 levels) in glass bottles. Use '/bottle' to learn how to use the system.
I will be working on the faction system for the next few days.
VIP6 can now claim up to 2 Artifex plots!
Scavenger XP recovery added to the VIP6 rank!
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A Fair Warning

Bladen Owner posted Sep 23, 14
Oh how I love drama... especially when it's Minecraft drama... *sarcasm*. The death of Bukkit has hurt the modding community severally, many plugin developers have started to abandon ship which leaves many of the plugins we know and love dead in the water. I know some of you are aware of the Spigot mod but that mod is based on Bukkit and we've been using it for years hence why the server network thing is possible. Spigot is trying very hard to survive this dark time but it is still too early to tell what will happen. There is another mod in the works called Sponge, but it will take months for it to match the level of where Bukkit is. Plus since it is an entirely new mod it will require all plugins to be completely recoded to work with it. So with all that said, don't expect an 1.8 update in the near future or at all.

What's this mean for Fantasia?
We obviously heavily depend on Spigot. This does not mean we will die if Spigot dies. We will just remain as is till the end of time. I know I mentioned Sponge as another solution but that would require me to rebuild the entire network from the ground up with major differences. I MIGHT go that route if that project shows some promise in the future but will take a very long time. Sponge is still in its infancy and I am only one person that is unwilling to dump tons of time into this at this point. Don't get me wrong, I am still willing to manage this project but when it comes to major things I just can't dump the time in like I used to.

I know I posted an 1.8 plan recently with all these changes I planned on implementing. I still plan on doing all that but for one exception, Residence is among the abandoned projects. I am still uncertain what I want to do with that system. We could remain using the old plugin and hope it doesn't break with Spigot updates (if it survives) and without UUID support, which means if you change your name you lose your projection OR I can completely replace it with a new system. A new system would mean we would lose all current plot data, I'm sorry, I may be a wizard at manually converting data but this data is just way too much and too different. I may need to change many more plugins to ones that are still supported just in case we do happen to get an 1.8 update. I'm sorry for all the changes but there's no way around this. My duty is to keep the server up and running and as stable as possible.

Last thing I would like to touch base on is the Pandora project. I've been seeing a lot of talk about it again and how everyone is so excited about it and why is it taking so long. Pandora has/is/will remain an extremely low priority project. There are many reasons for this. A couple being the base server network is more important. We can't neglect this part because it is what new players first see and experience. Second, the Pandora project is based on a custom plugin that may need some major reworking with 1.8. I rather hold off for the possibility of 1.8 that way I don't have to wipe data etc.

I hope you all understand why these changes must happen and why . It is for the best of the network and my sanity :).

chm2395 Mod Considering how easy it is to swap down to 1.7 again,, (4 clicks at max) I don't see the large issue for our players, Ev ...
sir_bush VIP6 Fantasia is a dedicated server. Even if we have to stay at 1.7.10, all of us are still here. As, uuhhhgggff, once said, ...

Fantasia 1.8 Plans & Answers

Bladen Owner posted Aug 30, 14
As many of you are aware. 1.8 is going to be released September 2nd. As always it will take awhile to apply this update to Fantasia for various reasons. While waiting for Bukkit to release a stable build I plan on doing some major, much needed work to the network. This includes removing or replacing old plugins with more efficient, feature-rich ones, possibly add completely new features, etc. More details on this below.

Revamp plan (NOT implemented yet, these are just plans and will be implemented over time. The old systems are still in place and functioning.):

  • Residence - The residence plugin was completely rewritten from the ground up. This new version seems to include most of what the old residence has except for the multi area per residence feature. Existing multi area residences will be converted to be one large one. Hopefully this version will have a proper way to expand a residence. Old residence data will be converted to work with the new system so you all don't need to worry about that. More details about this system will be posted in the future.

  • Virtual Stables - I plan on replacing this system completely with something less buggy and maybe with more features.

  • VIP Shops - I'm sorry about having to change this again but it has to be done. The current system we are using is far too difficult to convert to the UUID system, causes players to lag, and is quite resource intensive preventing me from allowing you all to gain more benefits from it. I am not certain on the details yet but what I do know now is I want to try to go in a different direction with this new system and allow you all to have more freedom. This is still in the heavy brainstorming phase so those of you with shops don't need to panic, you will have plenty of time to store your stuff.

  • XP Bottling System - I am working on trying to fix the current system but we may need to move to something entirely new. Just including this here so it doesn't come as a surprise. Those of you with XP bottles will have enough time to transfer the XP to the bank if the system does change. 
  • World Retiring - To help save space on the server and possibly improve performance I plan on retiring Ancient Fantasia and possibly Old Fantasia. This means I will be zipping up these worlds and storing them on the backup server. They will not be accessible in-game after this is done. Most of you play on the main Fantasia world and the other worlds just end up confusing the new players. If any of you have anything you want moved from Old Fantasia please let a staff member know. Please do not request anything too big or something you won't even use. If you gone this long without visiting the structure then you can surely do without it. I will be letting my staff know the restrictions on the moving procedure so if they tell you no do not get mad at them. Also depending on the size of the world zips I may make them available to download. 


  • "Will there be a new world with the new biomes?" The idea of a new world does sound exciting but for a couple new biomes it is just not worth the effort and problems it will cause for myself and players. The current Fantasia world still has plenty of space for awhile longer. As for the materials you can only get from these new biomes, they will be made available at that NPC shops.

  • "Will the current world be expanded?" The current world is already way too big. It is really not worth the disk space, possible lag, etc just to have add more land for a couple biomes.

  • "...but I really want these biomes" Well I'm sorry but it's not worth the trouble this time. If you want to see and experience the new biomes then check them out in single player.

  • "Will I be able to change my name?" Yes I do plan on allowing name changes but there is no telling when that will happen. Most things are tied to your current names so if I allowed name changes right off you would lose your rank. stats, warps, lot protection, etc. I did manage to get most of these systems converted to the new UUID system but still have quite a bit of work left.

  • "Why does it take so long to update the server?" There is no magic update button nor is Fantasia as simple as other servers. I have to wait for Bukkit/plugins to update and I have to update our own custom plugins when I have time, not only that but I also have to make sure years of data get converted properly. There's just a lot to the process, so please be patient.

Ambrius_Grimlock Retired Assuming that Fantasia has the Essentials plugin, why not simply use the Essentials Trade Signs? They are very easy to u ...
chm2395 Mod I LOVE the idea of the downloads... AF is all fine... but I realllly need the OF, memories <333... so totally looking ...
Masterdan84 Retired I think you should keep ancient/old Fantasia until the server anniversary for fun times and then make them available to ...
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