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Summer Refresh!

Bladen Owner posted Jun 25, 15

After a very long break I am finally back! I didn't mean to be gone as long as I was but once you get busy with something else time just flies by. First I want to apologize for the lack of updates and fixes. I must say the staff team did a great job keeping things stable. I noticed the server is not pulling in the amount of players it used to and funds are starting to dry up. To remedy this I discussed some plans with my admins. 

Summer Plans:

  • We will be going through each world fixing and tweaking things to prefection.
    • Auryn: Each game will be checked and will be decided if it's too broken or boring to keep. New games will be added to replace those. Our goal here is to have many games that share the same core which will help keep things stable. Also we would like to look into having several mini tournaments.
    • Enceladus: Now that 1.8 is out and stable this world will get a complete terrain makeover along with a few tweaks to the overall system. It will still be hardcore survival but without the snow and ice it once had.

Long-Term Plans:

  • When 1.9 is released and the network is stable I plan on generating a brand new Fantasia world that will include all the new biomes. All the features from the current Fantasia will most likely be pulled over to this one and the current Fantasia world will still be accessible.
  • Pandora is still in the work and slowly coming together. I know this project is taking forever but like I said in the past, the rest of the server takes top priority. Also with the constant release of new very broken updates from Mojang, EULA, and the Bukkit fiasco, it just made it very hard to find the time to work on a project like that. If things continue to keep quiet and if the summer plans pull the network from the grave then we will be able to get this world released in the near future.

I hope these plans satisfy those of you that were wondering what was going on with the Fantasia. Her heart will forever beat as long as there are players.

cookiecatB26 VIP1 #Longlivefantasia! you are doing a amazing job with the server and im very exited about 1.9! ...
topazcat VIP6 Well, with all the hard work been done and with continuing to improve things for us players, well maybe should say for ...
FancehCreeper Mod Really like where you're going with this. Good luck with your plan and LONG LIVE FANTASIA!
1st - Oakleyyyy
2nd - Jaxler1
3rd - pielover19

Day 2 final 3:

*The final match has been postponed to a later date that will be announced soon.

Day 1 winners:

Day 2 games will start around 2pm EST. If you don't make it on time you will lose your spot in the tournament. Make sure to practice the games listed below!

To celebrate Fantasia's 4th birthday we will have a long overdue Auryn tournament. This will be held on the weekend of Fantasia's birthday, November 1st-2nd starting at 12pm EST both days. The 1st day will be dedicated to the survival games phase. Anyone, including staff, can join at any time during the 10 games. So you don't have to be here right at the start of the event, but it is recommended to increase your chances at winning a spot in the rest of the tournament. The rest of the tournament will happen on day 2. Before joining this event please make sure you can be here for the 2nd day of games if you win a spot and no substitutions are not allowed. If any of the winners from day 1 lose their spots for whatever reason, more survival game matches will be held to fill those spots.

Sore losers/cheaters will not be tolerated and will get you banned from the tournament or server.
Whining about anything will get you banned from the tournament.
Just have fun!

- 10 games of Survival Games. (Modified for faster matches)
- 10 winners from this game are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.
- Out of those games the 10 players that finish in 2nd will battle it out for the remaining 5 spots in the tournament. Which will be decided with 5 games of ColorMatch.
- The 15 remaining players will play TNT Run till 9 winners.
- The 9 remaining players will play Spleef till 6 winners.
- The 6 remaining players will play Deathcube till 3 winners.
- The remaining 3 players will now duke it out in FFA.
- The first player to get 3 wins gets 1st place.
- The remaining 2 will continue to fight till one of them gets 3 wins for 2nd place.
- The last player remaining will get 3rd place.
*Games may change at any time due to bugs/exploits found.

1st place - $35 (Donation shop credit)
2nd place - $25 (Donation shop credit)
3rd place - $15 (Donation shop credit)
*Gifting donation packages to someone else with winner credit is allowed.

I forgot to note that all rupee rewards from all games on Auryn will be increased for that weekend.
Masterdan84 Retired "soon"
Xanvir VIP1 Congratulations to all the current winners ...
TMcManus07 VIP6 I should start sharpening my pvp skillz ...
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